Like Father, Like Kids!

Ever since my son was one, he always had a fascination with me eating wings. I remember one time at that age he dunked his bread in my hot sauce after numerous reminders not to, leaving me no choice but to say “go ahead and try it” (based off the philosophy of sticking your finger in a light socket so you learn not to do that again). He did, and sure enough was in no hurry to try again.

Now let’s fast forward to the present. We were out for Doodles’ (story for another time) birthday party at Damon’s Grill one evening. The kids were eyeing up the appetizer platter and focused on only one thing… The mighty buffalo wing. Looks like they were ready to move forward and give it another shot. Because Damon’s wings were really not hot by any stretch of the imagination, I felt this would be a good candidate to break the kids into my world. Heck, I need someone on my team as my wife refuses to eat chicken off the bone. So we move on.

My son picks up the first piece, gives it a bite, and does the “hmmmm… Do I like it” face. He smiles and we get the green for more. Watching him do this gets my 3 year old daughter on board for some trials. She is a lot gutsier than my boy and immediately goes to town. She starts downing the whole thing and continues to do that magic trick that certain wing eaters do… You know the trick where they eat the meat off the wing, then it goes in their mouth and comes out totally clean… JUST the bone. That’s right, my girl is a wing nut, and to top it off, she got really mad at me when I told her she was done.

Needless to say this all became a photo op, and as I sat there watching the two of them, it brought a tear to my eye. Or it could’ve been the capsaicin :)

Nevertheless I leave you with this: Wings equal smiles. Kids equal smiles. Kids with wings are one heck of a lot of smiles. So, start them while they’re young, and keep the world a happy place.

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