Wing Eating Challenges in Restaurants Across America

We’ve all seen these food challenges on TV made popular by shows such as Man V. Food, but where can a die-hard wing-eater go to take on these challenges and possibly win some free wings and fame in the process? Below is a list of Wing Eating Challenges in restaurants across the United States that are not for the faint of heart. Some of these challenges even require you to sign a waiver! Think you have what it takes? Share with us your experiences at any of these challenges, or let us know about more restaurant challenges by commenting below.

21 South Wing Challenge

21 South Bar & Grille in Jackson, New Jersey, is home to the 21 South Wing Challenge in which participants must eat 10 ghost wings in 15 minutes. Only water or beer may be consumed during the challenge, and leaving the seat will result in a forfeit. Winners will be awarded a 21 South Hot Wings Challenge tee shirt, complimentary beer or soda, and the challenge wings become free. Successful challengers will also be pictured in their “Wall of Flame” album on Facebook.

Atomic Hot Wing Challenge

The Atomic Hot Wing Challenge can be found at Quaker Steak & Lube locations across the country. Participants must sign a waiver to take part in this challenge that requires you to eat 6 wings covered in their Atomic Sauce which carries a heat level of 150,000 SHU. There is no time limit to this challenge, however, no drinks are permitted. Winners receive their name on the Wall of Flame as well as a bumper sticker.

Blazin’ Challenge

The Blazin’ Challenge is offered at Buffalo Wild Wings locations across the country. The objective of this challenge is to eat 12 of their Blazin’ wings in 6 minutes. Winners get to have their name and picture placed on the Blazin’ Challenge wall and are given a Blazin’ Challenge T-shirt. No drinks or other food items are allowed during this challenge.

Davy Jones Hot Wing Challenge

The Davy Jones Hot Wings Challenge can be found at Rapscallions in Land O’ Lakes, Florida. Just eat 10 of their hot wings that are infused with capsaicin extract as well as habanero sauce in 30 minutes and endure a 5 minute after burn to receive a free T-shirt and photograph. The wings and a glass of milk are also free if the challenge is completed. No other food or drink is permitted during the challenge, and participants must sign a waiver.

Fine Line Five Alarm Wing Eating Challenge

The Fine Line Bar and Grill in El Jebel, Colorado is home to the Fine Line Five Alarm Wing Eating Challenge. In this challenge, participants pay a $25 entry fee to clean the meat off of 10 wings in 15 minutes with their choice of dipping sauce and up to three beers or unlimited Soft Drinks. If the challenge is completed, not only will the winner be given back the $25 entry fee, but they will also receive $25 more and have their picture placed on the wing eating Wall of Fame!

Fire in Your Hole

The Fire in Your Hole Challenge can be found at Munchies 420 Cafe in Sarasota, Florida. Challengers must eat 10 of their extremely hot wings in 20 minutes to get their picture on the Wall of Fame, while the losers will be placed on the Wall of Shame. Milk is not allowed during this challenge, but a few sips of water will be permitted.

Firehouse Wings Ghost Pepper Challenge

Firehouse Wings in Des Moines, Iowa is home to the Firehouse Wings Ghost Pepper Challenge in which challengers must consume 6 wings covered in ghost pepper sauce within 5 minutes with no napkins, drinks or other food. In addition, they must also lick their fingers and endure a 5 minute waiting period with no napkins, drinks, or other food as well. Winners will have the $10 entry fee refunded, and will be presented with an official Firehouse Wings Ghost Pepper Challenge T-shirt, a $10 gift card, and have their picture on the “wall of flame.”

Flatliner Challenge

Buffalo Wing Factory and Pub in Virginia is home to the Flatliner Challenge. In this challenge, participants pay a $10 entry fee and must finish at least 11 Flatliner wings to the satisfaction of the BWF Judge. The challenger may not drink or eat anything else during the challenge, and dipping sauce is not allowed. The winner will be refunded the $10 entry fee and will be presented with an official Flatliner Challenge T-shirt, as well as be forever memorialized on the “Wall of Flame.”

Ghost Wings Challenge

The Girvan Grille in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota is home to the Ghost Wings Challenge in which participants must completely eat 10 ghost wings in 15 minutes. Successful challengers will be awarded a Girvan Grille Ghost Wings Challenge T-shirt and will be pictured on the “Wall of Flame.” No other food or beverage may be consumed during this time, and no bathroom breaks are allowed. Parental permission is required for minors, and a waiver must be acknowledged in order to take part in the challenge.

Hellfire Challenge

The Hellfire Challenge can be found at Smoke Eaters restaurants in San Jose and Cupertino, California. Challengers have 10 minutes to finish 12 wings smothered with their hottest Hellfire sauce. There are no drinks or napkins allowed, plus participants must lick the remaining sauce from their fingers and endure a 5 minute after burn to complete the challenge.

Hotter Than Hell Wing Challenge

The Hotter Than Hell Wing Challenge can be found at Dadz Bar & Grill in Lumberton, New Jersey in which participants must finish 12 jumbo wings that are covered in Dadz Hotter Than Hell sauce. The challenge must be completed in one sitting without any blue cheese, ranch, milk, celery, or carrots. Winners receive an “I Survived…” T-shirt and bragging rights. Watch our very own Scoville Will take on this challenge.

Ludicrous Wing Challenge

Chicken or the Egg (or CHEGG) in Beach Haven, New Jersey is home to the Ludicrous Wing Challenge in which participants have 15 minutes to finish 12 jumbo wings slathered in Ludicrous hot sauce. There is some discrepancy about the official rules and what the winners receive, so be sure to check with your server before attempting this challenge.

Ridiculous Wing Challenge

The Ridiculous Wing Challenge can be attempted at Lafs Pizzeria in Uncasville, Connecticut. Just eat an order of 8 wings in their restaurant in 20 minutes, and you get them free! Winners will receive a picture on their Champion Wing Wall and a $20 gift certificate toward the next visit. Losers, however, will have to pay for their wings and their picture will go on the Facebook Wall of Shame.

Springman’s Country Store Café Butt Burner Hot Wing Challenge

Springman’s Country Store in Pennsdale, Pennsylvania, is home to the Springman’s Country Store Café Butt Burner Hot Wing Challenge (SCSCBBHWC). The contest is open to adults 18 and older, and a waiver must be signed in order to participate. In this challenge, contestants must clean the bones of 6 wings within 3 minutes and withstand a 5 minute after burn with no drink or wiping of the hands and mouth. Winners will receive a SCSCBBHWC T-Shirt, 1 free drink of their choice, their picture on the Wall of Fame on Facebook, their picture hanging in the Café, a 10 person pig pickin’ party from the Country Store, and bragging rights.

Suicide Sauce Challenge

The Suicide Sauce Challenge can be found at Sporty’s Wing Shack in Pinconning, Michigan. In this challenge, participants must eat an unknown number of Suicide Wings (ask your server) in order to get their picture on the Wall of Pain and their wings for free. You must be 18 years old and sign a waiver of release in order to attempt this challenge.

Wall of Flame Challenge

Wings Etc. Restaurant & Pub, with locations in Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan, is home to the dreaded Wall of Flame Challenge. Just eat 16 “well-sauced” jumbo wings with no drink or other food items, and be forever immortalized (in a Polaroid) on their Wall of Flame.

Wing King Challenge

The Wing King Challenge can be found at the West End Tavern in Boulder, Colorado. In order to complete this challenge, participants must clean 50 wings in 30 minutes without leaving the table or “ejecting” the wings at anytime after the challenge while still in the West End Tavern. Winners will be reimbursed for the purchase price of the wings, their picture on the Wall of Fame, a members only T-shirt, and a dozen free wings for later.

Tell us more! We want to hear from you. If you know of any other wing eating challenges or if you have an experience to share, enter your comment below. We will continue to add to this list with eligible visitor submissions.

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6 Responses to “Wing Eating Challenges in Restaurants Across America”

  1. rendez says:

    “Swell” in Virginia Beach on Upton Dr. has a ghost pepper hot wing challenge. 5 minutes to eat 10 wings covered in their home made hot sauce (made with ghost peppers and habaneros), then wait 5 minutes before eating or drinking anything. No celery, ranch, water, etc. while eating. If you beat the challenge, your wings are free and you win a really nice shirt.

  2. Ward Cleaver says:

    I do not think they have a blazen challenge in West Michigan

  3. Bill Mahonski says:

    If you’re looking for one in Pennsylvania check out springmans country cafe butt burner challange in pennsdale pa I’ve done three of the above this one made me reconsider my it only hurts for a little while mentality

  4. kevin hanshew says:

    I won the blazing chalngon

  5. jeremy says:

    Any good wing challenges in the denver/colorado springs area?

  6. Jacob says:

    East Coast Wings in Winston Salem NC has a insanity wing challenge it is one of the hotest wings i have ever had if u love hot stuff u gota go try it

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