A Rub for Your Grub

With summertime coming to a close and the party season ending, it was time to get about forty of our friends and family over for one last backyard soiree. The tents were up, the deck was furnished, and the grill was primed and ready to go. The only thing we needed was some hot wings to spice things up.

Now when people come to a Bring The Wing party, they expect to get some quality grub… and I am not one to disappoint. So I took this opportunity to try out a new recipe that was submitted by Kramer’s Gourmet Foods to go along with their Wing Rub. I know what you’re thinking… Wing RUB? We’ve heard of many sauces, even glazes, for wings and many rubs for pork or steak, but to have a rub that will bring the heat and flavor to a wing in the same fashion, well that’s just crazy. Crazy AWESOME! So we cracked open the containers and got busy with the prep.

Out of the different options that Kramer’s offers, we received the Wing Rub 3-Pack which includes different levels of heat. You got the “Easy Pickin” which is a mild blend of spices, the “Finger Lickin” which has a small dose of the Ghost Pepper, and last but certainly not least the “What Was I Thinkin” which has a large dose of the Ghost Pepper among other things. I broke the fresh wings into equal portions to allow us to taste each of the rub’s heat level, and was extremely anxious to see how eating wings with just a rub compares to wings covered in sauce. The best way to test this out would be to use Kramer’s Signature Wings Recipe as my start point.

I have to tell you that the whole time I was pasting up the wings with the oil and rub mixture, an incredible aroma filled the kitchen from the unique blend, and I couldn’t wait to get them on the grill. So toss them on I did, and after about 20 minutes they were good to go (which was a good thing because I was getting trampled with the line that was already forming from my guests). As quickly as I dumped the sixty wings into the container, they were gone. Luckily for me, I snuck a couple without the others seeing… teehee.

I tried the spices right out of the container and they were hot baby, but a lot of that heat either got lost in the oil mixture or was cooked off making the wings more tolerable for the guests who don’t enjoy a super spicy meal. For me, this is a downfall because I enjoy the heat, but the flavors were definitely there… it just needed a bit more kick. So, I continued on with the recipe to make the wings “Buffalo Style” by adding Frank’s Red Hot to the mix. This made the dish complete. You had the heat from the Frank’s that hit your lips and tongue right away, but then the wing rub would fire up the back of the throat making them a perfect combination.

The party came to a close and the guests left happy and fed. The wings were a success, and it was definitely a break from the norm. We are so used to wings being covered in sauce, and in my opinion it still needs to stay that way. However, adding to the sauce will only make the experience more flavorful, and in this case Kramer’s Wing Rub definitely brought more of it to the wings than the sauce could by itself. So make sure you pick some up from their website and feel free to mix and match to make your own creation. My only advice is simple: Don’t replace the sauce… enhance the sauce. And a good wing rub is one way to do it.

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