How to Grow Hot Peppers – Part 3

It is time. Our peppers are ready for the pickin’, and in this installment on how to grow hot peppers, Farmer Pappy will cover harvesting and preservation as well as some alternate uses. We will also get a glimpse into what it is like to eat the hottest pepper in the world as Brian takes on the Butch T Trinidad Scorpion Pepper.

If you have any questions for Farmer Pappy, please leave a comment below as he will make it a point to answer each and every one.

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5 Responses to “How to Grow Hot Peppers – Part 3”

  1. Linda Dannacker says:

    Loved the video, lots of great info. If I grew or ate HOT peppers. You are pretty HOT yourself farmer Pappy!!!

  2. Jessica says:

    Hi There :)

    My boyfriend started growing peppers over the summer and he’s hooked. He makes the most amazing salsa with the scotch bonnets he grew and he’s working on growing ghost peppers right now.

    I want to buy him a scorpion pepper plant for christmas. However, we live in virginia and this winter is supposed to be pretty harsh. Would now be a good time to buy the plant and keep it indoors?

    Also, what tools other things will he need?

    Any tips on growing these peppers will be greatly appreciated :)


    • Farmer Pappy says:

      Hello and thank you for tuning in to Considering your temperate zone, I personally would wait until mid February to buy plants or start them from seed. You will need a warm sunny location in order to sustain them until all threat of frost has subsided before planting them outdoors. Grow lights are effective, but I advocate “ Natural “ whenever circumstances allow. You may wish to construct a small cold frame from discarded windows which will also give you a head start in early spring. In the meantime, before the ground freezes, you can prepare your pepper growing garden beds with compost and manure. Chicken manure is especially effective and will break down in time for spring planting if applied at this time. Watch all three “Farmer Pappy” videos and take notes. It is all there for the taking and at your disposal – may your efforts find reward!

  3. Hai le says:

    Hello farmer pappy, my name is hai Le, and I really need your help. I love to grow hot pepper but never get any success. What kind Of soil and something u put in your frist video to start the seeding, and tranplant them. What kind of fertilizer did u use for the pepper. Thin is I leave in apartment so I have to plant in a big pot. Please help me out. I really need you to show me step by step, and really appreciate for your time. Thank you

    • Farmer Pappy says:

      Greetings Hai Le. First and foremost, pepper plants need direct sunlight for at least 3 to 4 hours a day and should never be over watered. If the soil is dry, water until moist and wait for it to dry again to rewater. If you have planted your peppers in pots as houseplants or directly into the soil of your garden, keep that in mind. I plant my seeds in a professional greenhouse superfine germinating mix from a company named Fafard and raise these plants in a greenhouse until all threat of frost has passed. When they reach a height of approx. 7 to 9 inches, I transplant them into my garden. When the plants appear to be established and growing strong, I fertilize each plant with an organic fertilizer from a company named North Country Organics. I use approx. two handfuls around each plant approx. 4 to 5 inches away from the stem. I also have the good fortune of having a shiitake mushroom farm across the street from me where I am able to acquire the spent growing medium to use as a soil additive in my garden in addition to chicken manure which I collect from my chickens during the course of the year. You can purchase dehydrated chicken manure which can be used as needed but you should never use “fresh manure” as it may burn the plants. When the plants begin to show signs of flowering, I fertilize them again. If you watch all 3 Farmer Pappy videos, you will have the step by step procedure that you long for. May this additional information prove useful to you and visit the website periodically for upcoming events and videos from Farmer Pappy at

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