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While up at the National Buffalo Wing Festival, we had the pleasure of meeting a slew of local wing-related companies. But none stood out better than Buffalo Wing Wear and their table filled with all different kinds of apparel paying tribute to the greatest bar food around: The Buffalo Wing! If you thought the only way to get Buffalo wings on your clothes would be by dropping them as you ate, you would be mistaken my friend. Buffalo Wing Wear has been producing this custom wear for years, and all without spilling a drop of sauce.

The company began by selling a unique chicken wing necktie, and have since encompassed all sorts of wearables that will keep even the most stylish wing eater satisfied. Some of the best sellers include:

A. The Original Buffalo Wing Necktie – I was surprised at how silky smooth this was when I took it out of the package. The material was high class and I intend on wearing it to any, and every, formal function. Taking the words (sort of) from my good friend, the Dos Equis man: “I don’t often get dressed up… but when I do, I choose the Buffalo wing necktie.”

B. Buffalo Wing Fedora – Like the necktie, the Fedora has an element of fanciness to it that allows you to don your wing wear in style. My favorite part about this hat is how it shows my passion for wings in a very subtle way by only putting the stitching on a thin strip of material going across the brim. This way the wings and two buffaloes acting as anchors, (which I love), don’t overtake the item and make it look gaudy.

C. Buffalo Wing Bandana – This one we use to keep the sweat off of Farmer Pappy as he plants this year’s peppers, but since being the most recent addition to Buffalo Wing Wear, the bandana has been catching on with restaurant workers.

D. The Knit Tassel Toque – This cap is one of my favorites. When those chilly months come around, you could choose to wear a hat, or you could choose to wear a stylish knit toque, OR you could choose to wear a stylish knit toque WITH WINGS ON IT!!! Nothing keeps you warmer on those cold days than hot wings on your head.

E. Buffalo Wing Bandz – Everyone may think that the bandz craze is over, but the kids still love them. And when they come free with an order over $10, you can’t go wrong. Two of each shape is included: Chicken Wing Drumette, Chicken Wing Flat, Celery, BFLO and a Bison.

I was extremely impressed when I opened each package because I saw nothing but quality. Not only in the stitching, but also in choice of materials. Buffalo Wing Wear offers a fun way to get dressed up as adults without going over the top – and whether it is stiched, sewn, or printed, you can be sure that your wardrobe will let the world know of your obsession with this addictive food.

buf-wing-wear-sqlogoAbout Buffalo Wing Wear

Buffalo Wing Wear is an online based retailer and wholesaler which was started in 2009 as a way to provide quality apparel that features the beloved Buffalo Chicken Wing. Products include chicken wing hats, bandanas, neckties and gifts. It is based in the home of where the Buffalo Chicken Wing was invented: Buffalo, NY

Website: www.buffalowingwear.com

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