McDonald’s Mighty Wings


After a long year since the first announcement of the potential of selling bone-in wings, McDonald’s finally rolled out their Mighty Wings to the world. I personally have been waiting for this moment as I am addicted to not only wings, but McDonald’s fries as well. So when the opportunity came for me to achieve both items in one sitting, believe me, I was psyched. Did I think they would taste good? Absolutely not. But I was very curious as to what rendition of wings this mega corporation would put out. So, I packed up my work gear for lunch and headed into Micky D’s to find out.

The Mighty Wings were clearly the new attraction with posters and pictures plastered everywhere along with sayings like “Savor the Crunch, Gasp at the Kick” and “Heating up the Season.” Anyone who was anyone was ordering them as I could hear each customer asking for them by name at the register. I’m sure it’s because they are the new thing, like when they bring back the McRib or the Shamrock Shake. Or, it could just be because as of now they are only around for a limited time (and coincidentally just in time for Football), and people want to get their fill of these “Mighty” wonders before they’re gone.

Being sold in 3, 5, and 10 pieces, I went with the largest order and coupled it with their Buffalo Dipping Sauce… and of course… my fries. :) When I first opened the box, I was quite surprised at the size of the wings as well as the heavy coating of crispy crust that encompassed the skin. I took my first bite and the chicken was okay. That’s pretty much it… it was okay. They were right out of the fryer so the meat was hot and had some juice to it, and the crispy shell was definitely crunchy. After that first bite, I noticed that the chicken to crisp skin ratio was 50/50 which in my opinion is too much breading. I’m sure that is also what added to the size, as the meat itself was about average for a drum. The skin had a peppery coating to it that gave it a tiny kick, but nothing worth being called Hot. So I decided to pour on the Buffalo Sauce to kick it up a notch.

cricketHere lies a major problem. The Buffalo Dipping Sauce is just that: Dipping Sauce. It works great for nuggets, and in my opinion is the best tasting Fast Food Buffalo sauce out there as depicted in our Fast Food Sauces review. But in this case, trying to pour a thicker dipping sauce onto a heavily breaded wing proved to be difficult. The sauce is as thick as mayonnaise, and just sits on top of the wing like a bright neon orange blob. There is no coating going on here, so I had to resort to my classic “rub two pieces together like cricket legs to apply” technique (Patent Pending) as illustrated in the photo on the right. This slightly did the trick and allowed me the opportunity for a bite. It was absolutely disgusting, to be polite. The sauce does NOT marry well with the peppery crust and gives the overall bite an unpleasant taste very reminiscent of dairy. Needless to say, that was it for me and I went back to ‘ol reliable (my #2 meal).

The wings themselves were passable, but nothing that you can’t find better at KFC. So if you are in the mood for a quick fix, I recommend getting chicken from a place that knows how to cook chicken. McDonald’s is known for having addictive foods and serves them in a cookie cutter fashion to allow the most profit for them and the fastest food for you. But we all know real good food takes time to prepare. And just like there is no comparison between eating a frozen wing against eating a fresh wing, there is no comparison between the “Mighty Wing” and something you find in a local pub. The kicker: They are roughly the same price. So where is the logic? My advice is to spare yourself the agony of trying to fulfill your wing cravings with these knockoffs, and use your money on the real deal. It will take about the same amount of time, and your taste buds and stomach will thank you in the end.

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