A Proud Pappy

2015 Season, Issue #1

Welcome to the first article in our new section, Pappy’s Pages, where Farmer Pappy will post updates about this season’s pepper plants. Farmer Pappy completed seeding his green house on 3/29/15 with the following 25 pepper varieties:

New to the Mix: (8)

Carolina Reaper
Italian Pepperoncini
Italian Red Cherry
Guatemalan Jalapeno
Black Jalapeno
Ornamental Chile (multi colored)
Jwala Fingers
New Mexico Big Jim

Old Favorites:  (17)

Thai Chile 1″
Thai Chile 5″
Thai Upright Chile
Thai Red Dragon
Yellow Scotch Bonnet
Red Scotch Bonnet
Butch T Trinidad Scorpion
Red Ghost
Yellow Ghost
Orange Ghost
Sweet Banana
Black Pearl
Peter Pepper
Brain Strain
Giant Cow Horn

Germination success will be confirmed within 2 to 4 weeks depending upon variety and weather conditions.

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