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Hawaiian Fryin’ (Chicken that is)

Thursday, September 19th, 2013


During my stay at the beautiful island of Kauai, I tried to embrace all that this part of Hawaii had to offer. From ziplining and boat tours, to hiking and swimming in a waterfall, this island had it all. Every turn you can find something new: like the spot where they filmed Jurassic Park or the place where Indiana Jones was taped. But the one thing I did have trouble finding was a good place to get wings. (read more…)

Dewar’s Clubhouse – Honolulu Airport

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013


Being in Hawaii is a blast, however, traveling to and from… not so much. Especially when you are expecting to travel for 20hrs only to find out that one of the flights has a 4hr delay. Now a typical person in this situation may get upset and frustrated. But you have to see good in bad, and when the opportunity arose for me to sit at the airport bar to gobble up some wings with beer, you know that I won’t argue.

Dewar’s is just that: An airport bar in the main (read more…)

Kalypso Island Bar & Grill

Friday, July 26th, 2013


The Kalypso Island Bar and Grill is probably the most happening place in the Hanalei Bay area, complete with great vibes and live music to boot. As you would expect, it is a beachy type of place with plenty of open windows and outdoor seating. Everything is super casual which (read more…)