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Anchorage Tavern

Saturday, May 5th, 2012


Work had yet again brought me back to Somers Point, NJ, but still left me with the almighty dinner task of where to go to find great wings. Though there are a lot of supposed great eateries in the Shore area, Anchorage Tavern came recommended, so I decided to give them a spin. With a grumbling belly and happy hour on my side, I made my way into this pub to soothe the savage beast that is my craving for awesome wings.

The place was pretty empty when I made my way to the stool, which didn’t really surprise me seeing how it was only 4:30pm. It did, however, allow me to have a clear view of some Vodka peddler giving his all to convince (read more…)

Walt Street Pub

Monday, April 30th, 2012


Wandering the streets of Red Bank, hometown to Kevin Smith and the Clerks empire, I came across a nice corner bar that claimed to have “the best wings in town.” Seeing how it was right around lunchtime, I popped in to see if Red Bank can do to wings what it has done for comedic screenwriters.

The Walt Street Pub has plenty of space inside and out, but I chose to sit at the bar because they had The Chew on one of the TVs (which I thought was cool because maybe it shows that they ARE that into good food and the way of the culinary arts… or maybe it was just by chance, but I’d (read more…)

Wings To Go

Saturday, April 21st, 2012


Normally I do not like to review take-out wings because they fall in a different category, and it is unfair to match them up against the quality that bars and restaurants tend to offer. Usually these types of places are known for being the wing supplier of many football parties, and I consider them to be more like “fast food” that is sold in bulk and is very convenient. The reason I decided to stop into Wings To Go in West Chester was because of a personal invite by the owner, who has not only visited our site, but is a fan as well. This makes things a bit difficult because as I love and appreciate every fan, I have to stay honest in every review or my credibility will go right out the window. So, here we go…

Wings To Go is a national chain that (read more…)

C-View Inn

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012


I’ve lived in NJ almost all of my life, and yet have never been down to Cape May before. So when I found myself in that area this past week, I thought I would take the opportunity to get my wing on. The only question: Where to go? My navigation showed me a couple of places to grab wings, but according to numerous locals that I talked to, I only needed to go to one… The C-View Inn. I stopped into this quaint little place tucked away by the marina (read more…)

Court Jester

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012


I received a “Suggest a Joint” request from Cindy who claims that the wings at the Court Jester are sensational. There are two locations: one in Freehold and the other in Aberdeen. Though the food is supposed to be the same at both locations, we chose Aberdeen because we were told that it had more table seating. Also since this is in my old man’s neck of the woods, I decided to take this opportunity to invite him out to eat with us so he can get some good grand kid time in while we tested out the wings.

I entered into this saloon with high expectations as Cindy is a very reputable source for good food. We sat at a large booth, sipped on our Monster Mugs of beer (read more…)