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Square Bar

Friday, February 10th, 2012


While I was up in West Chester, yet again, a buddy of mine took me out to this local bar because he said that it had good people and good food. So we stopped into this house-like structure called “Square Bar” to see how their wings added up.

With my choices being either Mild or Hot, I decided to go with the Hot to see (read more…)

P.J. Whelihan’s

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012


P.J. Whelihan’s is a chain pub in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area, and is well known because of their association with SportsRadio WIP’s Wing Bowl since they make the wings for this event. Recently, I attended that event with the Bring The Wing crew, and had such a mouth-watering great time watching all the contestants eat these wings that I just had to stop in for myself and give them a whirl (Standing so close to the competitors and smelling all that buffalo goodness and not getting to eat them didn’t help much either).

I popped into the Haddonfield P.J.’s because (read more…)

Pic-A-Lilli Inn

Monday, January 30th, 2012


Whenever I get into a conversation about which wings are the best, one name always seems to find its way into the debate… Pic-A-Lilli’s. If you are from South Jersey, or know the area, you will find a time when someone will recommend this Shamong bar for some good times and great wings. In fact, with “King of the Wings” printed on the menu, it must be true, right?? Only one way to find out, so I head into this family owned business to see for myself.

I take my seat in the “sit down” section of the bar (read more…)

Chuck’s Cafe

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012


Typically I don’t really review take-out wings, but when I received a lot of requests to check out Chuck’s Cafe in Hamilton, I just couldn’t refuse. This place is tucked in a small strip mall right on Route 33, and as rumor has it, on Superbowl Sunday has a line out the door. Now, you don’t necessarily have to get these wings to go on the grounds that they have indoor seating, though I wouldn’t recommend it as I could feel the chair breaking underneath me while I waited.

The wings came in a Styrofoam container along side celery and blue cheese, and were doused in wing sauce. (read more…)

Blarney Stone

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012


I find myself in West Chester a lot these days due to business. And every time I meet up with one of my clients, I pass this local bar called the Blarney Stone located on West Chester Pike. From the outside it looks like a quaint little pub, and based on the locals’ testimonies, has the best wings. So, I thought this was a good enough reason to stop in for some grub.

I took a seat at the end of the bar, ordered my drink, asked for a menu, and struck up a conversation with the bartenders. The specific topic that stood out in my memory was the one the tender referred to as “Wing Roulette.” According to the story, a group of friends (read more…)