How does the rating system work?

In my quest for the perfect wings, I take into account several aspects of how the wing was prepared, served, and tasted. The five main attributes I look for are:

1. Heat = How much heat do I get from the sauce?

2. Temperature = How hot the wings are when they come out.  Are they cold or just out of the fryer?

3. Flavor = How both the wings and the sauce taste together.

4. Size = The overall size of each wing piece.

5. Tenderness = How tender the meat is of the wing. Is it dry or does it fall off the bone?

Overall Score = The overall score is calculated by all of the main factors that I rate, how they all come together in unity, and how the dish made me feel when finished. A common misconception is that the overall rating is an average of the 5 scores. This is not the case (Just because a heat score gets five wings does not necessarily mean that it is good… Just that it is hot).