Buffalo Wing Recipes

Loup Garou Cajun Ghost Wings

I made these wings during Labor Day weekend, and man did they deliver. I followed Johnny’s advice by heavily coating the chicken in the Cajun spice blend and threw them on the grill. One thing you should note is to start the grill on a lower temperature, then when you see the juices seeping out, kick up the heat to a medium level. This will prevent the spice rub from burning and give it a great blackened chicken look. Be prepared with the sauce, you heat lovers, because this one is HOT.Get Recipe

Kramer’s Signature Wings Buffalo Wings in Hell

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Pappy’s Quick Pepper Pickling Process

If you have an abundance of hot peppers, this pickling process is a quick and easy way to preserve them. This recipe yielded two pint-sized jars of pickled peppers which were the perfect topping for sandwiches, wraps, and as an extra kick on Buffalo wings. The jalapenos added the right amount of… Get Recipe

Bloody Bat Wings

For Halloween I felt it would be appropriate to add a little freaky creepy to the festivities by making our own Bat Wings! With a bit of prep and a couple of black hands later, these babies were ready to go. Baking them first made them super tender and the basic salt/pepper rub really made the flavors shine. That is, of course, if you can get past the fact that you’re eating black wings… Get Recipe

Matt’s Sweet & Sneaky Hot Wings

Though it had more of a Jerk flavoring than a Buffalo, I was still very impressed with this recipe. I grilled the wings then tossed them in the sauce and threw them back on the grill for about 5 more minutes to let the sauce cake on. This has a strong BBQ flavor that hits immediately, but… Get Recipe

Theresa’s Wingderful Wings

This recipe takes a little more time with the preparation but is well worth it. Baking the wings after you fry them really sets the sauce into the breading and gives more bite to each wing. If you like a more mild taste, leave off the last step and… Get Recipe