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Sonic Drive-In’s New Boneless Chicken Wings

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014


“Jenna said what?” That expression cracks me up every time I see the new commercials that Sonic Drive-In is using to push their new Boneless Chicken Wings. But are they any good? Preferably, I will choose a bone-in wing over boneless any day, but when I’m on the go, boneless is much easier to handle in a car for obvious reasons. And seeing how the drive-in atmosphere is part of the Sonic experience, eating in a car is right up their alley. (read more…)

WingStreet Wings by Pizza Hut

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

WingStreet from Pizza Hut

Though I have seen a couple of these locations sprinkled around different states for a year or so, on March 17th Pizza Hut publicly rolled out their WingStreet wings to over 5,000 restaurants nationwide. Since then, every time I turn on the TV all I seem to see are commercials pushing these wings. I assume it’s Pizza Hut’s attempt to show wing lovers that their product is not just another fast food pizza wing. As a wing lover, I know that I’m not going to find the next best wing from a delivery joint, let alone a fast food chain, but I also know that there are times (read more…)

McDonald’s Mighty Wings

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013


After a long year since the first announcement of the potential of selling bone-in wings, McDonald’s finally rolled out their Mighty Wings to the world. I personally have been waiting for this moment as I am addicted to not only wings, but McDonald’s fries as well. So when the opportunity came for me to achieve both items in one sitting, believe me, I was psyched. Did I think they would taste good? Absolutely not. But I was very curious as to what rendition of wings this mega corporation would put out. So, I packed up my work gear for lunch and headed into Micky D’s to find out. (read more…)

Fast Food Hot Sauces – Which is Best When You’re on the Run?

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

When you have the open road in front of you and little time to grab a bite to eat, the most common destination would be fast food restaurants. Many of them now offer a Buffalo dipping sauce to partner up with their nuggets or fingers, but what’s really in them and do they taste any good? Let me answer the first part with another question: Do we EVER really know what is in fast food? But to help determine which place to go when the Buffalo urge comes a calling and there is no time to stop for some real wings, I decided to grab all of the hot sauces that the fast food restaurants of the North East had to offer and do a sampling to see how I would rank them against each other. From order of best to worst (read more…)