Who Am I?


Who am I? Nobody really, just an average guy with an insatiable appetite for wings. Since 2000, I have been hopping from hole in the walls to fancy restaurants looking for the best tasting wings. I would find myself in conversations with other wing eaters that went something like, “Hey, you know where you should go if you like good wings?” With that premise in mind, I figured everyone should know where they can find excellent wings… or for that matter, places to avoid.

Finding a great wing place is a lot like dating. You test each one out until you find that place in which you can build into a relationship. It is my job to take all the initial steps to narrow your search. But don’t let me just tell you, go to a place that I recommend and find out for yourself.

So, why should you consider me a reputable source? Well, since the creation of this site, I have found myself having a blast with some of the best chefs and experts out there who specialize in making great wings. I’ve enjoyed, covered, and participated as a judge at several wing festivals, including Buffalo’s own National Buffalo Wing Festival, which is held in the birthplace of the hot wing. National restaurants seek me out as a taste tester for new wing sauces. I’ve been invited to appear as a celebrity judge for local wing competitions, and have had the pleasure of meeting many celebrity chefs. My reputation has grown from being a guy who knows and loves wings to being one of the leading experts in the area. How did that happen? It is simple: I live, breathe, and eat wings. I’ve tasted thousands of wings, and with that comes the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. And when I write a review or judge an event, I earn the respect of my readers by telling it like it is.

Now, not all wing eaters are the same. You have the heat seekers who look for the boldest most insanely hot wing that they can get their hands on. You also have the flavor cravers who love the different styles and preparations of the wings (Asian, Garlic Parm, etc). Then there is the mix – with just the right amount of heat, but not too hot so you can savor the flavor and enjoy the meal. This is the category that I fall into and is what I look at while writing my critiques. From time to time, I will ask for multiple wing variations or extra sides of the other sauces that a restaurant will carry to make my review a little more versatile. But ultimately, I judge on the standard Buffalo. Because if they can’t get that right, then the rest doesn’t matter.

So enjoy, and when you’re out and about looking for a great place to eat, remember it ain’t a party unless you “Bring the Wing!”


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